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ANDASOL is developing Solar projects for installation and providing energy solutions service for its customers with an aim to expand the use of solar power.Our competent, experienced and well-equipped consultants provide professional support at project design, financial & technical analysis and implementation phases in the light of their superior engineering capabilities. Our team members keep up with all technological developments, and apply all these developments at project phases with their extensive know-how and the latest version of software programs.

Andasol energy solutions provides high-powered consultancy services to its customers with primary focus on the quality value with all information and applications required at each phase ranging from site selection to operations phases for solar plant projects. Our consultants complete the entire project realization process perfectly and smoothly in a professional manner

Technical Designing

Solar power is the use of sun’s energy in the form of heat or otherwise to generate electricity. Solar panel installation in GCC is advantageous for a number of reasons. Mostly that it helps keep the earth clean and saves resources for the future.

Feasibility Study and Financial Analysis

We supply complete turn -key solar solutions and systems to the MEA region with highest technical support and after sales service.

Monitoring and supervising Projects

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