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Contracting EPC

Contracting EPC

Andasol provides customised turn-key Utility , commercial and residential solar Energy solutions.Our experts undertake detailed feasibility analysis to design robust  optimised systems that deliver strong investment returns.Andasol can execute solar energy starting from designing up to testing and commissioning.
Andasol has very qualiefied engineering and technical team who are able to work with the utility scale projects from A to Z.Andasol can be an Installer for the clients who have already had all the solar energy equibments.

Technical Designing

Solar power is the use of sun’s energy in the form of heat or otherwise to generate electricity. Solar panel installation in GCC is advantageous for a number of reasons. Mostly that it helps keep the earth clean and saves resources for the future.

Financial & Economics Analysis

We supply complete turn -key solar solutions and systems to the MEA region with highest technical support and after sales service.


AndaSolar develops innovative and state of the art solutions to sustainability and deficit problems within the energy power industry. Our eco-friendly methods and precuts eliminates the emission from power generation while enabling utilization of renewable energy through grid scale storage. This high-tech diversity in our solar panels and other equipment is projected to cost minimum as compare to other sustainable energy in UAE.

Executing projects

Our engineers and team members are committed to helping your business or family go green. We work with our prestigious clients to create a sustainable plan for the cost-effective long-term energy needs. Our approach to creating, furnish and install provide high-quality solar panels and equipment at a competitive price. Generating renewable green energy with high performance is a great way to reduce environmental hazards and carbon emission.

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